Draft Scoping Document for EAF Submitted

It appears that on March 6th, 2020, a draft scoping document for the EAF in regards to the proposed AL Asphalt Corp. proposed asphalt plant at the 5690 Camp Road site was submitted. This EAF kicks off a 20 day public comment period, to our knowledge, expiring on our about March 26th, 2020.

You can find and read the draft scope here by clicking here.

There was intended to be a public meeting on this matter, but due to the fears of the current Coronavirus pandemic, this meeting has since been cancelled. It is important that concerned citizens review the document, find any concerns in regards to the draft, and email the concerns to Sarah DesJardins at sdesjard@townofhamburgny.com as soon as possible.

We are unsure if this means that the AL Asphalt Corporation will actually proceed with the full environmental study required by the SEQR process, or if they are simply submitting the minimum amount of paperwork required to continue keeping their pending legal appeal open.

It has also become known to us that the asphalt company property owner paid the bare minimum in back taxes owed to avoid tax foreclosure this calendar year. This is also likely to continue attempting to extort the town via threat of legal action to cave to their demands. We recommend standing strong in opposition of this type of behavior.

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