Special Meeting December 4th @ 5:30pm

A special meeting is to be held in regards to the proposed AL Asphalt plant at 5690 Camp Road in Hamburg, NY. This meeting is reported to center around the concept of a potential settlement of the pending litigation that the applicant has brought against the town.

From the Town of Hamburg:

Please be advised the Hamburg Town Board and Planning Board are holding a special meeting this Wednesday Dec, 4th at 5:30 in conf. rm. 7B to discuss a settlement w/ AL Asphalt that could put an end to the proposed project.

It is important to note that the applicant’s attorney is likely using this meeting to attempt to acquire grants in exchange for dropping the lawsuit or an alternative location for the plant, so public attendance would be both helpful and powerful.

We oppose granting any tax dollars to the applicant as they have not paid their property taxes but instead have incurred costs against the town by bringing suit. We instead offer the alternative that the public should demand a rezone of the M-zoned regions off of Camp Road to C zoning.

The rezone would not prevent this current application from theoretically continuing if the applicant chose to move forward with the SEQR process, but it would prevent any future similar uses of the space. This is the best solution for citizens moving forward as it limits the amount of risk to their health and property due to the more restrictive nature of C zoning.

In our opinion, the likelihood that the current SEQR process would return a result that would allow the plant to proceed is very small, so the risk of the plant proceeding if the applicant chooses to proceed with the SEQR process is largely theoretical but not significant. It is important to note that the SEQR positive declaration puts all of the costs back on the applicant to conduct all studies requested, so the costs of even proceeding with the application would be extremely expensive.

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