Town Meeting Tonight: Attendance Needed

The next public hearing in regards to the proposed AL Asphalt facility at 5690 Camp Road in Hamburg, NY is tonight at 7pm.  This will be held at Hamburg Town Hall (6100 South Park Ave). Your attendance is needed! We expect a large turnout, likely with media on site, so the bigger the crowd, the bigger the impact. Appearing at this meeting shows the town officials that you will hold them accountable for their actions, both positively if they choose to deny the plant or negatively if they choose to allow it.

In order to best participate, we recommend the following:

  • Arrive 15 to 30 minutes early if you wish to speak. If the turnout is large, 30 minutes might become a minimum. You can sign in to speak at the front of the meeting room. Last meeting, anyone who signed in to speak was given three minutes to voice their concerns and feedback. The more people who sign up to speak, the more likely we are to force more public meetings and further delay the plant, running up legal and property costs for the proposed plant.
  • This meeting pertains to zoning, so while feedback on your general concerns does matter, the primary point of discussion are zoning concerns at this time. This could include odor, noise, pollution, vibration, traffic and any other item which may be cited in the town code. Feel free to examine the town zoning code here to determine your own talking points, if you wish!
  • If possible, avoid repeating points which have already been mentioned. The town has requested that all points made are unique. The attorney representing the proposed asphalt plant project must respond to all unique public comments – not at this meeting, but formally to the town. The more you can bring to the table, the more things the town has to consider, and the more the attorney has to work to answer your questions.
  • Allow the attorney representing the plant to speak freely and without interruption when given time to speak. The town should be able to hear both sides of the case, and our side of the case should be offered without interruption as well.
  • If media asks to interview you and you are comfortable speaking, do so! The more press, the better. The attorney representing the plant has been taking as many chances to speak with the media as possible, so it is important that the citizens are heard as well.

Let’s do our best to fight the plant! Thank you in advance for your participation and comments.

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