Step One Complete: Environmental Study Ordered

Over a hundred, if not hundreds of residents were in attendance for the public meeting in regards to the proposed AL Asphalt facility last night. Hamburg Town Hall was packed!

While this update is short and sweet, with more information to come on the horizon, we just wanted to inform all parties that the town has tabled the application until at least September 18th due to the fact that an environmental study has been officially ordered at this time. Your participation and comments have helped convince the town to take the next logical step in fully and independently examining the impact on the environment of the site and surrounding areas. The town could have chosen to proceed without ordering this study, so your support directly helped show them that it was a necessity.

Keep sharing and signing the petition with friends, family, neighbors and more. The more signatures, the more people we have the ability to easily contact when the town moves forward with the next steps in review after obtaining the environmental study.

Congratulations – this battle has been won, but the fight is far from over!

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